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4 Plumbing Problems That May Not Look Like Emergencies, But Are

What counts as a “plumbing emergency” in your home? The easy answer to this is “Whatever feels like an emergency to you, the homeowner.” It’s a good adage, because even if you’re wrong about whether the plumbing problem you’re facing is an emergency or not, you’ll be glad you had the trouble investigated. Better to be cautious and avoid a big disaster.

There’s more to defining emergency plumbing needs, however. Sometimes, plumbing emergencies hide behind what look like lesser issues. Things that just don’t feel like big deals. Troubles you can get to later. These are the truly tricky and dangerous emergency plumbing jobs, because you’re much less likely to treat them as such and call us for emergency plumbing in Glendale, AZ to get the issue fixed before it becomes a major problem. 

To help, we’ve listed four plumbing problems you may encounter that may seem mild, but are a good reason to call our plumbers ASAP.

#1. Water spots on the ceiling

Discolored spots on the ceiling are leaks, and you probably know that. If you notice these spots developing on the ceiling of rooms of your two-story house, it might seem like something you can get to at a more convenient time. But these leaks are serious business: they’re likely coming from bathroom plumbing (check to see which room is above the discoloration) and mean that water damage has already occurred and spread. This not only wastes water, it weakens the building material and could even cause collapse. The quicker this is solved, the less expensive and extensive the repairs.

#2. Multiple slow drains 

A slow drain is an annoyance, but because it’s not a full clog, people will often ignore them or simply deal with them rather than call a plumber. A slow drain isn’t usually an emergency, although we recommend you move sooner on this rather than let it get worse. But when multiple drains in your house are slow, something is wrong deeper in the drainage system, and it might be trouble with the sewer line. Sewer line repairs are always emergencies, since you may end up with no drainage at all or sewage backing up into the house. 

#3. Red discoloration in the hot water

You’ll see a reddish color in the water from a tap that hasn’t been turned on in weeks, but after a few seconds it will clear up. If you see this discoloration coming from a hot water tap and it doesn’t clear up, it probably means the water heater is rusted through and on the verge of a full breakdown. At this point, the water heater will probably need to be replaced, and you’ll want plumbers on the job fast before your hot water is gone. 

#4. Water pressure suddenly drops

The water coming from the taps is abruptly much weaker than before. Maybe not impossible to work with, but noticeable. This might be a municipal issue (see if the neighbors have a similar problem). If it’s not, we recommend calling for plumbing assistance right away, as there may be trouble in the home’s water main. 

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