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Getting the Cold Shoulder From Your Shower: Here’s a Few Reasons Why

July’s temperatures may be hot, but that doesn’t mean you want a cold shower! Let’s break down why your shower isn’t heating up.

Check Your Water Heater

Is your chilly shower more of a wake-up call for bigger issues? Check to see if your hot water problem is only with your shower or if you are having issues with hot water at all your fixtures. A whole-house hot water malfunction points to an issue with your hot water heater.

That problem could be as simple as a temperature gauge issue or a blown fuse. Defective parts, sediment build-up, or other breakdowns might be causing the issue. Regular maintenance of your home’s water heater can help to make sure it is working effectively and efficiently.

In the case of electric water heaters, a failed heating element or tripped circuit could also be to blame. Electric water heater servicing is best left to the professionals to diagnose and fix your hot water issue.

Evaluate Your Valve

Your hot water problem might be right inside your shower. A shower valve helps to create the perfect blend of hot and cold water. A worn or broken shower valve can disrupt that perfect shower water cocktail. Pieces of the valve can also dislodge and create a blockage. If you’re handy you can remove the shower valve and replace the broken components but because of its positioning it may be difficult to access and it may be best to call in a professional.

Your Anti-Scald Device is Keeping You Cold

Hot water is flowing from your sinks but not your shower? The issue could be your safety feature that makes sure your hot water isn’t scalding hot is set at too high a limit. The anti-scald device is in place to limit how far your shower handle can rotate in the hot water direction. The fix is to remove your handle and find the anti-scald device sitting directly under the faucet head. Adjust the device and test the result before reassembling.

Shower Capacity

If your hot shower is cut short, you might discover your hot water heater can’t keep up with demand. Consider timing the use of your large appliances to allow your hot water heater to catch up with demand or consider increasing the size of the tank or switching to a tankless water heater.

If you want to keep cool this summer, hit the pool or run through the sprinklers. If you want a hot, relaxing shower and your home’s shower is giving you the cold shoulder, call the experts at Len The Plumber. Our professionals deliver prompt, same day service, so you can get right back into your shower routine.

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