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6 Great Things Your Can Do for Your Plumbing

Homeowners don’t often think of “preventive plumbing” for their homes. Usually, the only major planning people do for their plumbing is to avoid pipe freeze during winter. That’s not something we need to worry about here in Arizona. But there are several preventive measures you can take to stop problems, large and small, in the future. We’ll go over six of them below.

1. Schedule routine drain cleaning

This one we often recommend to our customers. Rather than waiting for clogs to start to happen, you can keep them from happening—all around the house. Drain cleaning is great for getting rid of major clogs when they strike, but it’s also a maintenance service. Our plumbers will use the finest tools available to return your home’s drains to “like-new” condition, making it unlikely there will be clogs in the future. This also prevents drain flies, foul odors, and helps the drain pipes last longer. 

2. Arrange for leak detection

You may have leaks around your home that you aren’t aware of… yet. Hidden leaks are a common problem, and they both waste water and eventually cause building damage and mold growth. We advise our customers to schedule professional leak detection every couple of years. If you’ve never had leak detection done, it’s time to check this one off. That way you’ll have leaks addressed before they become major problems.

3. Install an automatic shut-off valve

This is a defense against flooding because of a major plumbing accident, the sort of disaster that might occur when you’re on vacation and which can keep you from relaxing. The shut-off valve works with leak detection devices around the house in key areas where flooding might occur, and when water begins to accumulate they’ll shut off the water main. The valve will also close if there is a sudden drop in water pressure. The newest in shut-off valve technology will even send an alert to your phone regarding the problem.

4. Install a water softener

Your house may not need this one, but many homes in the area do, so we recommend you ask plumbers about the presence of hard water in your home. Hard water does extensive damage to plumbing and can wreck water heaters. A water softener is attached to where the water main enters the home and counteracts the hard water minerals with sodium to “soften” the water. 

5. Have the water heater flushed

You should schedule maintenance for your water heater each year to ensure it works effectively, efficiently, and safely. Your plumbers will be able to tell you when it’s time to flush out the water heater, which will remove silt build-up that will increase energy efficiency and help with the water heater’s longevity. 

6. For an older home, repipe

If your house was built before 1970, it likely has aging pipes in it made from outdated materials. It’s a good idea to consult with our plumbers about the state of your pipes (such as during leak detection) and find out if it’s time to do a partial or full repiping. 

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